Thursday, 9 May 2013

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

“Well what are we waiting for?” asked Chels.

“A red carpet; come on everyone lets eat some pizza now.”

“Lol babe that is random what you just said.” Says John.

“I know right.” Said Chels.

So they all tucked into the food and drank some coke and talked and then after that they all tidied up their dishes and then Chels and John went upstairs to talk and get ready for bed all at the same time.

“I can’t wait to go to school tomorrow and tell the others about what’s going on.” Says Chels.

“Me Neither; it’s like a dream come true and I feel like as if I don’t know whether I want to believe that or not.” Said John.

“I am thinking that too.” Replied Chels.

So the pair got ready for bed and got into bed and switched the light off and went to sleep and then the next morning they got up and got ready for school and went to school and popped their things away in their lockers.

“OI Fat ass.” A familiar voice called out.

Chels and John turned around to see where that voice was coming from and who it was and it was Karla; Chels’s so-called ex-best friend.

“What do you want Karla? I don’t even have the time of day for idiots like you.” Asked Chels.

“Why you fucking slutty fat bitch; you will get what’s about to come for you.” Answered Karla angrily and giving Chels a big push and shove and knocking her into the nearest row of lockers.

“OW! Ow! Why you little fat bitch get the fuck away from me.” Says Chels yelling and crying at the same time.

“Chels, are you okay babe?” asked John attending to Chels.

“I think she might have given me a black eye Johnny; it hurts so much.” Answered Chels having tears rolling down her face.

Just then Dorothea; Richie and David showed up to find John and Chels trying to work out what to do about Chels’s black eye.

“Hey Chels, hey Johnny; what’s going on here?” asked Richie.

“Karla beat the living crap out of Chels by pushing and shoving and knocking her into the nearest row of lockers and she might have given Chels a black eye dude.” Answered John.

“WTF, that bitch is going down; I cannot believe that she did that; some friend Karla turned out to be.” Says Dorothea with a shocked look on her face.

“I agree.” Says David.

“I’m with Dot and Dave on this one as well; Karla should never have done that to you Chels; she is a lunatic and a bitch.” Says Richie.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Chapter 42

Chapter 42

“Mum would you like me and Chels to go for a drive out to the pizzeria to pick up the order because I don’t mind picking it up?” asked John.

“Oh honey you don’t have to do that because I was thinking of having it delivered to our front doorstep.” Answered Carol.

“Ma; I think it’s easier if Chels and I go and pick it up because its less stress of wasting time waiting for it to get here so just let me and Chels go and pick it up please?” asked John with a pouty look on his face.

“Oh okay if you say so yourself.” Answered Carol.

“Yes I do and thankyou; you are the best mummy in the whole entire world.” Says John.

“Your welcome and I know that I am but you pair have to wait for a bit till I’ve ranged the order in and told them that we’re picking it up okay.” Said Carol.

“Of course you would not want to forget about ordering the pizza first Mrs B.” says Chels.

“Now Everyone gather around and tell me what pizza we all want and ill write everyone’s choices down on a piece of paper okay; so I can tell them what pizzas we are after.” Says Carol.

So Chels; John; Matt; Tony and John Snr. all crowded around Carol to give their choices of pizzas that they wanted so Carol could ring in the order.

“So what are we getting everyone?” asked Carol.

“Mum it’s got to be whatever we got last time so just put the usual down like meatlovers; cheese to name a few.” Answered John.

“Alright then I will do the usual list of pizza choices and ring the order in.” says Carol.

So Carol rang the local pizzeria to order the pizzas in and then she got off the phone and got some garlic bread and softdrink out ready on the go for when the pizza arrived.

“They said the pizzas will be ready in 10 minutes at the least.”  Said Carol.

“Okay Mum; well Chels and I will head out there by the time we get there to pick up the order it will be ready.” Says John.

Okay hon; that’s a good idea.” Says Carol.

So John grabbed his car keys and Chels and then the two of them left to go and pickup the pizza order and when John and Chels arrived there; John and Chels went in to pickup the order and then they paid for it and then they left and went home to eat dinner.

“Ma we are back.” John yelled as he and Chels walked through the front door after getting out of John’s car and grabbing the pizzas and locking the car door.

“Okay honey I am in the kitchen getting the plates ready so we can all dish up the pizza we want to have.” Carol yelled back from the kitchen.

“Oh okay.” Says John.

So Chels and John went in through to the kitchen where Carol; John; Matt and Tony were setting the dining table up for dinner.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Chapter 41

Chapter 41
(Mild Language)

“Well that’s a good thing she is gone; I hate people that do such nasty things like that to me but I hate it way even more when it happens to my mates lol.” Said Chels.

“Yeah same here.” Says John.

“Talking about that I had a similar thing happen to me and it happened in year 6.” Replied Chels.

“What happened?” asked John.

“I was dating this guy from the school footy team and the arsehole cheated on me and I just was like:fuck you bozo; I have had a gutful of your bullshit I have taken it all my life and you treat me like this well than I’m not dealing with it, it’s over between us and that was it.” Answered Chels.

“Wow you must have been very angry doofus.” Says Tony.

“Shut up jerk face; leave my babe alone.” Said John standing up for Chels.

“No you shut up fuck face.” Said Tony.

“Turd face.” Says John.

“Toad face.” Replied Tony.

“DODO Head.” Said John.

“Shit head.” Says Tony.

“Dweeb.” Replied John.

“Enough you pair; stop calling each other names.” Says John Snr.

“But Dad Tony started it.” Said John.

“No I did not; you were the one that started it.” Says Tony.

“Yes you did start it Tony so why don’t you shut up.” Says John.

“Enough with the fighting and your father is right do stop calling one another names.” Replied Carol.

“I hate this house it’s so fucked up; I’m over it.” Says Tony as he walked out of the living room to go upstairs to his room.

“Language Tony; you should not be swearing at the age of 13.” Says Chels.

“Whatever bitchface I can swear if I want to because I say I can.” Said Tony.

“Mum are we still doing pizza or not?” asked Matt changing the subject.

“Yes we are still doing pizza for dinner.” Answered Carol.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

(Mild Language)

“Awe babe you too funny haha.” Says John laughing.

“I know right; oh I can’t wait till we are at school next so we can tell the others that I’ve moved in finally haha.” Said Chels starting to laugh her head off.

“I know right; it’s going to be so great, I’m excited J.” Replied John.

“Me too J Johnny and when we leave high school and have spent a few more months living here we can move out to get our own place together.” Says Chels with a smile on her face.

“Oh that’s so true and we definitely will move in together.” Said John agreeing with Chels.

“I love you Johnny.” Says Chels giving John a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek.

“Awe I love you too babe J.” Replied John.

“Ew you two are grossing us out.” Says Tony.

“What is so gross about these two getting all romancey and deciding what their plans are going to be when they graduate high school and they are together still; idiot, they are cute together?” asked Matt sticking up for John and Chels.

“Everything is gross about it dickhead.” Answered Tony sniping at Matt.

“Okay that’s enough you pair; be nice to each other and Tony try and be happy for your eldest brother for once.” Says John Snr.

“I agree with your father and besides these two have a lot happening in their lives and its exciting stuff.” Says Carol agreeing with her husband.

“Thankyou for sticking up for us Matt; we appreaciate it buddy.” Said Chels walking over and giving Matt a hug.

“Your welcome Chels; you don’t need Tony being an dickwad to you and John.” Replied Matt giving Chels a hug back.

“Besides I am happy to see my older brother happy since the last girl he was with cheated on him; stupid bitch makes me mad lol.”

“Lol.” Says Chels.

“Lol; I can not believe that bitchface Sasha cheated on me; it’s so like her to do that and she’s a complete joke to me and I don’t care if I don’t see her ever again.” Said John.

“Wow that’s terrible.” Said Chels with a shocked look on her face.

“Where did she disappear to after you broke up with her?”

“Oh she moved to Michigan because her mum got a new job there and when she left I was happy she moved away.” Answered John.

“Haha lol no shit; I say that is a good thing you don’t have to worry about her anymore lol.” Says Chels.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

“Well what are we waiting for?” asked John.

“I don’t know.” Answered Chels.

So John and Chels got up and ran out of John’s room and down the hallway and down the stairs in excitement like they were so happy and dying to spill the beans about Chels moving in.

“Hey Mum; Dad guess what.” Says John.

“What?” asked Carol and John Snr at the same time.

“Guess.” Answered John.

“We don’t want to guess so just tell us.” Said John Snr.

“Oh I know what this is about.” Says Carol.

“Oh do you really Carol?” asked John Snr.

“Yes I do John.” Answered Carol.

“Go on Chels; spill it.”

“I thought about your offer and I have decided to take it.” Says Chels.

“You are joking me; Are you saying yes?” asked Carol.

“No I’m not joking you and I am saying yes because like you said I can stay with you guys for as long as I want.” Answered Chels.

“Oh well I’m glad you are taking the offer and of course you can stay with us as long as you want.” Said Carol.

“Oh thankyou so much Mrs B and Mr B; I honestly appreaciate it.” Says Chels smiling.

“Your welcome but remember to call us by our first names okay hon; you don’t have to call us Mr and Mrs B alright.” Replied Carol.

“Okay I’ll try to remember that.” Said Chels.

“Mum have you rang our pizza order in yet?” asked John.

“Not yet hon; I will but first we all must see what Chels wants to order from the pizza place because we don’t know what pizza she likes.” Answered Carol.

“Oh okay righto; I forgot about that.” Says John.

“Babe what pizza do you want?”

“I don’t really care; I will have whatever everyone’s having haha.” Answered Chels laughing her head off.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

“Well could I at least just think about it and then I will let you know if I want to take the offer?” asked Chels.

“Of course honey; take as long as you need okay.” Answered Carol.

“Thanks.” Said Chels.

“Your welcome; I’ll just leave you two be to talk about this and go get dinner ordered and delivered okay.” Says Carol.

“Awesome! Mum what’s for dinner?” asked John.

“Well I’m thinking about getting pizza seeing as it is pizza night anyways so I pretty much need to do is ring our order in and get it delivered to here.” Answered Carol.

“Yay that’s the best meal ever lol.” Says John.

“Okay I leave you both to talk about whatever you want talk about.” Says Carol.

So Carol left them alone and went downstairs to make a phone call to the local pizzeria to ring the order in and to have it organised to be delivered to the Bongiovi’s home.

“So are you going to take my mum’s offer up on staying here or not?” asked John.

“I don’t know if I should I mean I just feel like I’m imposing that’s all.” Answered Chels.

“Come on Babe this is an opportunity you can’t knock back or ignore because like Mum said it’s not a problem at all and if you take it; you get to be in the same bedroom as me.” Says John trying to reason with Chels.

“I guess you are right about it being an opportunity that I can’t knock back or let alone ignore.” Said Chels.

“So?” asked John waiting for Chels to say yes.

“So I am going to say yes I’ll move in with you and your family; it’s just that I felt like I was kind of caught off guard a little but it’s nothing for you to worry about.” Answered Chels.

“OMG! Yay and oh don’t worry I’m not worried at all.” Says John.

“Oh that’s good.” Said Chels.

“I know; Omg tonight we are celebrating but this weekend when you get your stuff packed up and moved out I will pitch in and help you pack because I’m not letting you do it on your own baby.” Said John.

“Yes pizza tonight and definitely going to celebrate and thanks I would like the extra help I can get; I’m so keen now.” Says Chels.

“It’s all good and I’m keen as bean babe.” Replied John.

“Well why don’t we go and tell your mum and dad the news.” Said Chels.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Just then Carol poked her head into John’s room to say hi and find out how school was that day.

“I thought I might find you two in here; what’s going on?” Asked Carol with a questioning look on her face.

“Oh Hey Mum; nothing is really going on all though we did have issues with Karla one of Chels’s mates today and our maths teacher threatening us by sending us to the principal’s office and of course we walked out and skipped school for the rest of the day.” Answered John.

“Oh what you got yelled at and threatened to go to the principal’s office by your maths teacher; that’s really terrible honey.” Says Carol.

“Yep and on top of all that we had Chels’s locker door vandalized and she had her head nipped off as well which is completely stupid and unfair.” Says John feeling annoyed and sick to the stomach that someone like Karla would treat his baby girl like she was a piece of shit.

“WHAT??????????; that’s not very nice thing for someone to do that to poor Miss Chels, so come on Spill it out to your mumma what happened?” asked Carol.

“OH yes and of course we will tell you anyways mum.” Answered John.

“Yeah I went around there the other day with John to find out the real truth whether she did or didn’t start the rumors and get this she says she didn’t and then yet I know she did and then she blames our other bestie Dorothea for it and I know Dot very well enough that she didn’t start them and then today got to school and I went to my locker and on the front of the door to my locker  there was graffiti all over it and it said this: “You are a slut; a bitch; a cow and nobody gives a damn about you not even Dot’s Ex-boyfriend. From Karla.” I was so angry and upset that I just had to find out if she did the graffiti to get back at me because I went around to have a go at her and she said this: “YES I FUCKING DID DO THAT SHIT TO YOUR LOCKER YOU FUCKED UP SLUT.” And then John told her off for doing that shit to me; so I’m glad to have someone to stick up for me.” Says Chels.

“Oh what nasty piece of work that girl is; she doesn’t seem like a true friend then darl.” Said Carol.

“Duh of course Mum; she’s a nobody; she tore Chels’s life apart after Chels had already gone through that pain and load of that crap she had going on with her sister already so now Chels’s got so much shit to deal with.” Says John.

“Oh right now that’s a lot of crap to deal with isn’t it?” asked Carol.

“Yeah it is and I still figuring out where im going to stay until I get my own place and I can’t even figure it out its driving me bonkers already enough as it is.” Answered Chels.

“Well you’re more than welcome to stay with us as long as you like; my husband and I do not mind having you staying here; you are welcome here anytime.” Says Carol.

“Oh my god thankyou for the offer but it’s just I don’t want to impose on you guys that’s all and besides I would get to see Johnny at school everyday anyways.” Said Chels feeling grateful.

“Oh no of course not; you’re not imposing at all its fine with us.” Said Carol.